Soundplant 50.7
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Soundplant 50.7

Turn your keyboard into a musical instrument
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Soundplant is a quite unique application that can be defined in multiple ways. Whether you call it a “digital audio performance program”, a computer keyboard sound triggering utility, or even an alternative to the nowadays-ubiquitous Launchpad-like hardware controllers, Soundplant is clearly surprising. It is capable of turning your simple, average keyboard into a versatile, low latency, multitrack sample-triggering device, or in other words, into a playable musical instrument which can be used to create live, unique music in a rather easy manner. Anyway, Soundplant can be also used for less creative purposes as well, like for quickly triggering specific sounds and audio effects during a presentation or a live show.

Soundplant lets you create custom keymaps, by assigning any note or sound that you like to any key, or load existing keymaps and create new music using the sounds and notes of those keymaps. A few sample keymaps can be downloaded from the official website of Soundplant for free. That's what I did too, as assigning sounds to keys and creating new keymaps was a bit confusing to me, but I admit I'm also rather inexperienced when it comes to this kind of programs.

I also like a lot about Soundplant the fact that it comes as a standalone program, of decent size, that can be easily installed on any system, and not as a VST plugin or other form of software that involves additional requirements. more

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  • Includes recording function
  • Supports any popular media file format
  • Sound output device selection
  • Very comprehensive and feature-rich


  • Could've been a bit more straightforward and intuitive for beginners


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